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Certified Safety & Health Official (CSHO) FAQ

What does CSHO stand for?
How many CSHO Tracks are there?
In order to apply for the CSHO Program, do I have to be employed in a safety occupation or can anyone attend?
When do I send in my CSHO Track Application Form?
What courses should I take first?
In what order should I take the courses after finishing the fundamental OSHA courses?
Do I have to have a college degree before I try to earn a CSHO?
I already have a bachelor's degree and I am employed. Would a certificate program benefit me?
What are the time limits for earning a CSHO?
How many years are the OSHA 511 and OSHA 510 (31 hour) good for?
Reference program attendance, are there specific days for specific classes where attendance is mandatory (this is in regards to current employment and arranging time off), and are any of the CSHO programs (or parts of the curriculum) available online?
What are the benefits to participants of the TEEX CSHO Program?
I have taken a TEEX course that is supposedly the equivalent of one of the OSHA courses listed in the CSHO Track tables on your website. However, the particular course I took is not listed in that table. Does it apply toward a CSHO Track?

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