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Disaster City®

Emergency responders climb into the mangled steel and glass that was once a bustling passenger train. Behind the wreckage, another search and rescue team uses canines to sift through a building’s rubble left from a terrorist attack or natural disaster – hoping to find survivors. Families who were moments ago shopping in strip malls are now trapped beneath several tons of steel beams and debris, with friends nearby struggling to survive inside a collapsed movie theatre...

Welcome to Disaster City®, a place where tragedy and training meet – a place where anything is possible.

Located in College Station, Texas, this 52-acre training facility is situated adjacent to the world-renowned TEEX Brayton Fire Training Field and delivers the full array of skills and techniques needed by today’s emergency response professionals.


Disaster City aerial viewCreated by the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), a member of the Texas A&M System, the mock community features full-scale, collapsible structures designed to simulate various levels of disaster and wreckage which can be customized for the specific training needs of any group.

Emergency responders from across the globe venture to Disaster City® for unparalleled search and rescue training and exercises. Simply put, Disaster City® is the most comprehensive emergency response training facility available today.



Disaster City® map

 Want to be a volunteer in Disaster City®? Sign up today!





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