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Collision Reconstruction

AIR550  - 80.00 Hours


Start Date

End Date


Class Number

3/2/15 3/13/15 Friendswood, TX USA LS AIR550 50 enroll  
5/11/15 5/22/15 Lubbock, TX USA LS AIR550 52 enroll  
7/6/15 7/17/15 Georgetown, TX USA LS AIR550 51 enroll  
11/2/15 11/13/15 New Braunfels, TX USA LS AIR550 53 enroll  

This schedule is subject to change without notice. If you have not received confirmation of the class prior to the class start,
please contact the division at (800) 423-8433 or law@teex.tamu.edu to get the latest schedule.


Experienced collision investigators seeking to master the complexities of analyzing traffic collisions and reconstruct the events should attend this course. The course expands on the fundamentals of crash investigation with special emphasis on crash reconstruction. Critical thinking skills are sharpened to enable the trained crash investigator to analyze and understand evidence found at the crash scene. Momentum, principle direction of force, Delta-V, vector analysis, and time/distance are highlighted in this course. Case studies, many based on crash tests with known quantities as a guide, are used to illustrate major learning points.

This course meets Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) requirements for Course #78017.


Please fax documents to (979) 862-2788 or send an email to publicsafety@teex.tamu.edu


  • Applying time and distance equations
  • Applying vector analysis and Delta V
  • Recognizing, analyzing, and solving complex linear momentum problems
  • Applying critical thinking to traffic collisions using a "what-if" approach


  • Experienced collision investigators seeking new approaches to the complexities of analyzing traffic collisions


  • Scientific calculator
  • Drawing templates or engineering scale

Government Programs, Certifications and Accreditations

GSA contract number:GS-07F-0357V. GSA customers, to register please contact publicsafety@teex.tamu.edu or call (800) 423-8433.

Education Credits

80.00 Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE)

8.00 CEU

Contact Information

Law Enforcement and Security Training

Phone: (979) 845-6677 | Toll-Free: (800) 423-8433 | Fax: (979) 862-2788

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Accreditation Agreements

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